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According to Reuters, over 9 million consumers will search online for legal services each month. Attorney-client matching services provide both clients and attorneys with information about each other before they actually speak, which intends to save time for both parties and them to make better decisions.

Technology is accelerating for lawyers. Companies are offering internet-based services designed to market legal services. Rules 7.1 and 7.2 relate to Rules of Professional Conduct. Listed are examples of Bar Association web sites which govern lawyer advertising and addresses the propriety and contours of both advertising in internet directories and the use of referral services. Please consult your bar association on the rules which govern these activities. We do not take responsibility for your actions.

Lawyers are searching for new ways to connect with potential clients. Some states require submission of marketing material, including websites for approval. Check your state for guidelines and ethical content.

ABA Ethical Considerations for Promoting Your Practice Online

ABA examples of State Opinions

US Federal Poverty Guidlines

Rule 7.1 Communications Concerning A Lawyer’s Services & Rule 7.2 concerning Advertising

Unbundled Legal Services