LeadVeritas Network


The Lead Veritas Network ensures our ability to consistently produce and provide high quality lead to our clients with the following features:

  • Quality Control - Lead Veritas’ state of the art technology ensures high lead quality, and can help you steer clear of fraudulent and low quality data.
  • Accuracy - Our network automatically updates to ensure that around the clock, your delivery times and caps are as accurate as they can be.
  • Managed Returns – With Lead Veritas you can manually or automatically review returns before accepting or rejecting them. Accepted returns automatically credits our clients to receive a free replacement lead or Lead Veritas credit.
  • Real Time Alerts - Lead Veritas offers higher protection against fraud utilizing our automated email fraud alerts to help avoid bad leads and ultimately stop fraudulent traffic before it gets out of control.

To sign up as an affiliate on our network please complete the Affiliate Signup form.

To sign up as an Advertiser or Buyer on Lead Veritas, please contact our Business Development team.